October 10, 2008

Going Holistic In NYC

One of the things Hubby was saying to me last night was how I should try going the more holistic route. He's not a fan of the drs. recommendations of drugs and artificial treatments. So, to entertain his suggestion...

Does anyone know of holistic infertility treatment places in NYC? Any good books? I'm sure there are tons of them, but prefer one that is recommended by someone.


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M Nagi said...

Hi there,

Try The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis - bad title but excellent and comprehensive book based on Chinese Medicine approach to fertility/infertility.
Inconceivable by Julia Indichova also has some useful suggestions. There are several fertility specialist acupuncturists in NY, such as Caroline Radice (tell her I sent you! www.carolineradice.com). She works with the YinOva Center acupuncture practice, many of whom specialise in fertility.

There are also twice weekly fertility yoga classes at Lila Yoga on Lower East Side - http://www.lilawellness.com/classesFERTILITYYOGA.html

Good luck.