October 3, 2008

Party Without Me

Last night when making dinner hubby told me we have a birthday party to go to on Sat. I got all exciting thinking, oh a friend is having a party and now we have a Sat night activity. Wrong. Turns out it's his partner's (at work) kid's 3 year birthday party.

What? Why the fuck would I want to go there? I don't even go to my own nieces birthday party.

He said it's a big family thing and everyone we sometimes hang out with is going to be there. Thats because they All Have Kids. What the fuck am I going to do there. Sit around and watch what I don't have? Stand around and pretend I'm so happy to see everyone and talk about their kids and how cute they are and what they are doing these days. It's different when I see these people without kids, because then I just hear stories about them, but we're still in adult situations. But at a kids birthday party... no thanks. These people are not even my friends. I see them at most 2x a year and thats it. It's not like I speak to them or I've known them for so many years. They are my Hubby's partner's friends/family. Now why would I want to hang out with their kids?

I never thought I would be the one to avoid these kind of situations. But this is the way it is. I don't want to volentarely hang out with other peoples kids, I hate hearing about pregnant people, I don't want to hear how they got pregnant on the first try, and I certainly don't want to hear they are pregnant with another. Sorry. I got dealt a shitty hand and I'm trying to deal with it. And it doesn't help to get it rubbed in my face.

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jenn said...

Man- sorry about the kids party- I really had a hard time handling them too. Especially at the tail end of a cycle- it's near impossible. You shouldn't worry about your reaction to it- just don't go. It won't be better for anyone if you suck it up- just do something that makes you happy.

Oh crap- I just realized this was last night! Sorry- I ~hope~ you did everything above, or if you did go that it wasn't too tortuous & they at least had some good wine for you!