September 9, 2008

A Belly Full of Greens

I have nothing new to report besides being mildly crampy for the past 2 days and my boobs getting a bit more tender each day. I know it means nothing. But I'm hoping it means something.

Got some great stuff at my CSA today (eggplant, garlic, rosemary, peppers, tomato, watermelon, squash, celery, salad, collards, beets, eggs, apples, pears, peaches, nectarines). It was very heavy to carry home.

I am so in love with leafy greens lately, thanks to my farm share. Last year they all went to waste, but this year I cook and eat All of them (literally, because hubby doesn't dig them). Today I cooked up beet greens. Most people toss the leafy greens attached to the beets, but when they're tender and beautiful, they are really delicious. I basically use the same recipe for all the greens (swiss chard, collards, spinach, etc). I make a mixture of olive oil, mirin or balsamic vinegar, a little water, salt, pepper, pepper flakes and roast them in my toaster at 400 with some sliced onions or shallots. Sometimes I add a pinch of sugar depending if the greens are really bitter. They start out over flowing the dish, but they cook down to nothing. I'm telling you, they are really delicious. I have no self control and usually finish them before I even plate up dinner. I know, not a good habit and its probably the reason why I'm never hungry for dinner. But I still manage to always finish my plate.

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Hope said...

You made it through the first week! It's really hard to know how to prepare for the results, but I'm wishing them to be positive for you!