September 17, 2008

I Was Right

My mother fucking period came yesterday.

Now i'm waiting for my dr to call me back. I missed his call yesterday. I was so pissed. I had just got to the office and I heard the last ring on my cell phone. By the time I got to it the voicemail alert rang. I called back immediately and the receptionist said he left for the day and the drs only have a limited time to call patients back, and I should really be available for the drs.

Thanks bitch. But did you ever hear about people having jobs and working so they can pay the drs that charge a shit load of money to do nothing? I mean, if I could sit around all day with the phone strapped to my ass and be at his beck and call, believe me, I would.
Which is exactly what I'm doing today. I'm working from home and walking around with my cell phone attached to my ass. I know he starts phone calls after 2 today and it's now 3:30. So, I'm waiting. And ready to hear that I should start taking clomid this cycle.

I'm trying to build up the strength to call an RE today or tomorrow. I know who I'm going to call. But i have to call my insurance and find out some deets.

Oh the joys of infertility.


Finally the dr called back.

He's calling in a prescription for clomid. I start taking it cd5 then I'll go in cd11 (a friday) and get my ultrasound to see how my eggs are doing. cd14 is on Monday. Cutting it very close around the weekend. I asked about going to an re, and they said lets see what happens with this cycle, and if it doesnt work, then I should go next cycle. Or, he said I could take a break this month.

Break my ass.

Now i gotta tell hubby about this. He's not going to be happy. But i think after my crying fit the other night, he'll be on board with just about anything i say. Hopefully I'm right about this one.

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Hope said...

It takes a strong woman to take the hits cycle after cycle and then get back up and try again. I'm glad you are moving forward and I really hope this cycle is your one that works.