September 1, 2008

Not Today

i feel like such a liar.

No iui for me today.

Woke up early this morning to find out that I only had a high reading on my cbfm. Still no peak. This is the first time i'm getting 3 days of high readings.

I canceled my appointment for this morning, again. And now i'm hoping i'll get a peak reading tomorrow and go to my dr for the iui. Just like the original plan.

Wow, what a sucky, annoying weekend. I try to mentally prepare myself for the treatment, and get up super early to be fresh and awake. Such disappointment.

I guess this is why everyone opts for the trigger shot.

1 comment:

Murgdan said...

Boo. Sorry still no peak.

Thanks for the HSG luck too! It wasn't that bad. (Results posted on the blog).