September 29, 2008

Happy New Year

Went in for my 2nd sonogram this morning. The Dr walked in and said, 'your estrogen is very high'.

Me: "Is that good or bad?"

Dr: "Thats good. It means your responding very well." "Are you doing an iui this cycle?"

Me: "Thats the plan."

I then brought up the fact that my insurance is not covering the iuis, or anything related. I don't have much of a problem paying for the actual iui and wash, but its all the other things, like b/w, sonos, and whatever else. We talked about it briefly, and he was very nice and understanding. But let's just say, I think I'll be paying a lot this month. He said he would try to work with me, but there is just so much he can do because they get audited.

I then put my feet in the stirrups and he continued with the sonogram.

Dr: "Wow, you have a very big ovary."

Me:"is that good or bad?"

Dr: "well, looks like you ovulated yesterday, which means you may not want to do an iui this month."

Say what?! What the fuck. I ovulated already. That sucks! They took some blood to check my progesterone just to be sure, but now I feel like this was a waste, and a bigger waste of money. Now I have to pay for all these visits and not do the iui.

I called hubby immediately and told him not to leave for work and we need to get in another deposit. I rushed home.

So now what. Now I hope and pray. We got in 2 good deposits and I had one good egg.
If it doesn't work this month then we have to really sit down and talk about things, now that I know these treatments aren't covered. The dr said it may be worth our while to get really aggressive with this, especially because finances are playing a roll and I'm almost 34.

I don't know. Before I was just stressing about getting pregnant, but now I have the added financial stress.

Every November we have to re-register and choose our health insurance plan (kinda cool that hubbys work offers that) and we have the opportunity to switch to a few other plans they offer. Believe me, we have the best one right now, but if it doesn't cover trying to get pregnant, then it's not doing us any good right now. Unless I get more tests done to find out the cause of my infertility. Then I'm covered.

It's the Jewish New Year tomorrow. Maybe if I pray hard enough I'll get my new year wish.

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